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Jnika Cleaning Equipment (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

JNIKA® company was great experienced in cleaning mechanical system research and development for more than 30 years, which was the one of earliest companies to produce pressure washers. As the growing market greatly demand of clean and environmental products year and year, we speed up research and development work meanwhile commit to provide the multi-aspect cleaning and environmental solutions to our customers. Early in 1995 the first general home pressure washer was developed, in order to meet the different requirements from market demand, then we continue to do the products which involve the commercial and industrial pressure washer, explosion-proof high pressure cleaning machine, sewer machine drain cleaner, fog making machine, electric sewer cleaner, gasoline dredge cleaning machine, as well as the intelligent fog making machine etc. Our products are widely apply for various area, especial in industrial and chemical produce, ship rust removal, municipal bridge engineering, mine and roads dust removal, street cleaning, the city pipe dredge, movable car wash equipment etc. The series products have got 3C, CE and ISO certificates also obtained the design pattern certificates of pressure washer, high pressure pump, fog making machine and so on.

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